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Fancy's employees possess a sense of caring that goes way beyond just a service! It's their driving force for success!

"We promise to treat you like one of the family."

Kathleen Mazy

       Fancy's Family - Staff

You may have had a massage before, but you have never experienced a massage till you have one from Fancy's Day Spa! Fancy's is growing by leaps and bounds, we are still in our quaint, nimble warm facility for now, we are not looking to be the biggest, just the BEST! But, keep your ear to the ground. We are changing things up!




Fancy's Day Spa is owned and operated by Brandon and Kathleen Mazy. We are a married couple living our "dream", offering the highest quality massage therapy and spa services for men, women & children.

"We Promise to treat you like one of the family!" We started on this slogan and it still stands strong today. When first opening our doors in September 2007, we did not know what to expect! But, years later we are stronger than ever and growing by leaps and bounds.


We are looking to train and aquire a large skill set of therapists in the next couple of years to branch out past our present demographics.

When opening our spa we really struggled with the present economic opportunities and wanted to stratigically position ourselfs with limited overhead. This has been a very smart decision and has given us the oppertunity to be a liquid growing company and network in the community and sourrounding areas.